About Us: Founded in India in 2008 as a Publishing Company, Shubang Publishing has been instrumental in regular and self publishing and retailing across India, UK, U.A.E. Shaping the world around us, Books have more than a financial value. Words transform lives & reading can educate, motivate and transform. Publishing is a dynamic industry. It revolves around the investment of time, energy, money and a multiplicity of skills from everyone involved.

Regular and self-publishing is on the increase with the advent of print-on-demand publishers. It is worth remembering that it will be down to get the book out there, hard to get self-published books into bookshops, although if there is some local interest, they may be more interested. Bookshops will expect at least 33% discount and will expect you to cover carriage costs. They will also expect sale or return, if the books don’t sell, they return them and refund the money they have paid to you. You will also need to promote the book yourself. This could involve sending out review copies and contacting newspapers and local radio stations.

Risk is at the heart of every successful publishing house. Publishers’ skill in finding and supporting undiscovered talent underpins the cultural diversity. And it’s often the profits from a best-selling celebrity biography that enable publishers to invest in the first novel by an unknown author.

Time, energy and money alone don’t guarantee a bestseller. Well-judged and thoughtful editing is critical. High production values in typesetting and design are crucial to complement the words themselves. Passionate and savvy marketing helps to find the right audience, and sometimes to create new ones. Legal expertise protects both the author and the publisher’s investment once the work is published.

Every publisher’s mission is to make content available, and to ensure, through constant innovation, that it is accessible to wider and wider audiences. Book lovers are being given new ways to read their favourite authors.

Discovering and nurturing new talent, seeking new audiences, and developing new ways of making content available: publishers drive all three. Our mission is to put creativity, learning and cultural exchange at the heart of our society, and make it accessible to everyone.


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